Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

At Brooks Construction (UK) Ltd we have:

  • A commitment to prevent and reduce environmental impact.
  • A commitment to compliance with relevant legal requirements.
  • A dedication to continuously improving on sustainability performance.
  • An assurance that the policy will be well communicated and managed.

Responsible Purchasing:-

When purchasing we will consider the following: whether we need the product/service, whether the need can be met any other way, whether the quantity we have requested is essential, whether the current specification is the correct one for purpose and whether the product can serve a useful purpose after its initial use.

Buying Green:-

We will buy products that are efficient so that we minimise energy, water and resource use. We will always buy electrical equipment with good energy efficiency ratings.

Packaging Reduction:-

When purchasing we will request that the packaging be taken back to the supplier on delivery for reuse. We will buy in bulk, where possible, to minimise waste by reducing packaging and reducing the number of trips needed to deliver the product. We will also endeavour to buy locally to minimise transport of products.

Waste reduction:-

We will reduce paper usage by emailing where possible. We will request email invoices and correspondence rather than paper billing from suppliers, etc. We will only print documents when necessary, use reduced font size and print double-sided to reduce paper usage. We will keep our filing system and documents on a computer network instead of keeping paper copies. We will reuse paper where possible for notes/drafts.

Office Equipment:-

We will shut down computers.printers/photocopiers when they are not in use. We will recycle ink cartridges. We will only have lights on if absolutely necessary and will turn off all lighting overnight.


Where possible staff will car/vehicle share on their journeys to and from work.

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